Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für die Vorlesung "Alpwirtschaft" auf der Universität für Bodenkultur mit den umfangreichen Unterlagen samt Links . Die Vorlesung wurde im Jahre 2016 gehalten, daher sind die Statistiken bis 2016 enthalten. Berglandwirtschaft.jpg

Herzliche Grüße

Franz Legner


The multifunctional importance of the cultivation of alpine pastures is demonstrated by analyses of pasture areas, numbers of animals kept, and the form and extent of alpine pasture usage in various provinces.

DIscussion of the economical, ecological, recreational, protective and socio-cultural functions of the cultivation of alpine pastures. Basic terminology, geological, climatic and legal aspects;

Pasture and manure management appropriate to conditions; forest pasture regulations; availablility of alpine pastures, electrification, water supply, construction of alpine farm buildings, other alpine farm facilities.

Personnel, cultivation of alpine pastures, repair of damages after natural disasters, animal husbandry, production and processing of milk on alpine farms, foods from alpine farms, laws regarding alpine farming, alpine grazing associations, subsidies, integral projects.

This course discusses the situation and the importance of agriculture in alpine regions. The use of alpine pastures plays an economic role because of the improvement of animal health, reduction of cost of raising animals, production of high quality foods, and the availability of a broader spectrum of feeds to a larger number of livestock. Today the cultivation of alpine pastures is considered to be of importance far beyond its agricultural function and of increasing relevance for society as a whole.

The acceptance level of nature conservation, agriculture and forestry, tourism, game management and preventative measures against natural hazards like avalanches, floods and water erosion must be increased.